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The 1st School of Modern Skyflying


The world's first and most recognized  FreeFly School.


The 1st School of Modern Skyflying ist the most re-known and experienced FreeFly school in the world with more than:

44.000 schooling jumps done.

The School trained 14 World Champions and formed some among the best quoted Freefly Instructors in the World.

The requirements to become a FreeFly Instructor for the 1st School of Modern Skyflying are EXTREMELY high level and the standard of the lessons and safety in flight exceptional.

After 2 years dedicated to experimentation and personal training Olav started teaching FreeFly in 1988.
Between 1993 and 1994 more and more skydivers asked Olav to be introduced to the new Free-flying techniques.
At this point Olav realized that it was necessary to establish a new teaching program specific for FreeFlying as well prepare new FreeFly instructors ready to teach FreeFly in safety.

At that time the 1st School of Modern Skyflying was the only institution available for skydivers willing to learn human flight FreeFly.

Since the beginning the 1st School of Modern Skyflying dedicate itself to the research and development of the human Flight and its teaching methods. To help the future of  the sport the school created a certification program through a serial of flight tests and licenses (Atmosphere Dolphin FreeFly License) and the Space Games World Championships; up to now the longest running FreeFly Competition ever.

The school is dedicated to the teaching of skydiving artistic disciplines such as Freefly, Diagonal flying, Freestyle, Sky-dancing, Camera-flying and Aerial Photography.
The 1st School of Modern Skyflying, founded  in 1994 by Olav Zipser, the creator of Freefly, is ready to share with you all the experience accumulated in more then 11 years of activity.

If Freefly, Freestyle, Camera-fly, Aerial Photography, Tracking/Angle Change Dives or the human flight overall are your passions, donít hesitate to contact us. The 1st School of Modern Skyflying offers personal courses, team training, group courses and seminars for all the levels of experience.