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Leaving the Atmosphere behind towards Space...


Central Russia

Patrick de Guyardon

Olav Zipser
(Aerial Photo- and Videographer)

Illusion 76; Russian 4 Jet Cargo Plane

Exit Altitude:
47.000 ft AGL



The Goal of Patrick de Guyardon, an exceptional Skydiver and Stuntman - at this time sponsored by Sector Sportswatches was to try the World Record for exiting an aircraft at the highest altitude possible WITHOUT oxygen supply. This stunt requires perfect control of the performers body and mind for managing the extreme conditions of the Stratosphere.

Extremely low outside pressure, temperatures around -70°C (+ the wind factor!) and speeds up to 452 mph  effect the FreeFlyers next to  staying calm in order NOT to breathe! In this surrounding a humans lung would freeze extremely quick while breathing in.

In order to learn FreeFlying he approached Olav Zipser to train him and to document and film the actual performance.

In Winter 1995 Patrick and Olav went to Russia, where the only plane, which could actually fly the FreeFlyers up to the beginning of the Stratosphere was available. This plane had to be equipped with 2 seperate pressure chambers.

The Stunt was successful and published in multiple Main Stream Magazines all over the World. The Videorights went exclusevly to Sector Sport Watches for commercial use.